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Q: How do I change the image size to appear smaller on my profile?

A: You can resize the photos on your own to smaller than the default size the website makes them. Each photo editing program is different and free tutorials are available for most on the web by doing a search. The website leaves them alone if they are smaller than the default size and shrinks them to the default width (with a proportional height) if they are too large. The default width is 100 pixels for profile photos and 500 pixels for weekly photos. If your images are over 500 pixels wide, the closer they are to 500 pixels wide, the better they will look. As the image gets larger it will look more grainy or jaggy when it is shrunk by the website.

Q: When I upload a new photo over an existing photo or remove the photo then upload a new one in it's place, I still see the old photo. How do I fix this?

A: Your web browser keeps copies of most of the images on the web pages you look at in it's 'cache' so that the pages can load faster when you return to them. When you see the old photo, you are seeing the browser's saved copy of the photo. Holding down the shift or control key (depending on which browser you use) while hitting the Reload/Refresh button (or hitting F5 on the keyboard) in your browser will force it to redownload the images on the page so the correct one should appear.

Q: Only part of my picture shows up -- the rest appears to be missing or blank. What do I do?

A: This typically means the file upload was interrupted and not completed. When you hit the button to send your image to the website, please be sure you do not click on anything on the website until the next page has loaded successfully. On slower or lagging connections, the image may take a while to upload so please be patient.

Q: Why am I limited to 15 votes for the top profiles and why can I not for the same person more than once?

A: Voting is limited to 15 votes per month and only for the same person once every 12 weeks to force you to vote for new people rather than using your limited votes on the same people repeatedly. If profiles deserve votes, they will get it from new members and those who haven't voted yet. Votes need to be a valuable thing, not something you can give to as many people over and over as you want. If you want someone else to get more votes because they've been doing well, you should do something like post a message saying what great results someone has got and that people should vote for them.

Q: How do I receive my sign in information if I have forgotten / lost it?

A: To receive your password by e-mail, sign in from the main page using the e-mail address you registered with and leave the password blank. If you do not remember your registered e-mail address, you will need to use the contact page to contact the webmaster.

Q: What are the rules on posting links?

A: Which links you can post depends on where you are posting them on the site. In forum messages, only non-commercial/promotional links should be posted that are appropriate to the subject matter of the forum you're in. In your forum signature, you may post a link to the web site of your choice as PART of your signature so long as the signature is visibly separate from the rest of the message. On your profile, you may link to any site that is not malicious in nature. In private messages, you may send links to other members so long as the links are not malicious in nature or sending unsolicited commercial offers. Posting malicious links or spam links in the wrong spot will result in account suspension pending the decision of the webmaster.

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