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Delaware, Ohio
United States
45 year-old Male
5 feet, 9 inches
Registration Date: Jun 18, 2005
Last online: Feb 22, 2011 1:13 PM
Profile Last Updated: Jan 12, 2016
Last Photo: May 26, 2009

Gains Weight:
Mostly gained at my waist.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Exercise a little once or twice a week.
Background: I grew up fat... fat in elementary school, fat in middle school, and fat in part of high school. It was not until my Sophomore year in high school that I lost weight. I did it the wrong way... by starving myself. Since starting BFL, I have felt healthier and focused. I want to be with my kids as they age, not a burden on my kids. Looking great is a secondary benefit.
  • B/F%: 10% for my current challenge.
  • Muscle Mass: Increase
  • Energy Levels: Increase
  • Get Lean!
    Updated: 1.04.2016