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Salt Lake City, Utah
United States
29 year-old Female
5 feet, 1 inches
Registration Date: Jun 30, 2008
Profile Last Updated: Dec 19, 2012
Last Photo: Mar 15, 2010


Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #1, Week #13
Starting weight: 124.5 lbs
Ending weight: 113.9 lbs
Weight Change: -10.6 lbs (-8.5%)

These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken.

Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #1, Week #13
Starting lean bodyweight: 92.5 lbs
Starting bodyfat: 32.0 lbs
Ending lean bodyweight: 94.8 lbs
Ending bodyfat: 19.1 lbs
Muscle gain: 2.3 lbs
Fat weight lost: 12.9 lbs bodyfat

Week #WeightBodyfat %NeckChestBicepsForearmsHipsWaistThighsCalves
Challenge #1: by the book. - Started Aug 25, 2008
Challenge Goals/Notes: i have not once done a challen
Week 0 Notes: start of 12 week challenge-started on monday, august 25, 2008, got body fat % and did measurements on friday, aug 29. need to lose 5.7% body fat to reach goal!
Week 1 Notes: end of week 1 and i have lost 2.5 lbs. need to work harder in the gym, i don't think i was as sore as i'd like to be. i can already see more definition in my legs and abs though :) need to drink more water and stop skipping m6 as much as i have been.
Week 2 Notes: end of week 2 and my weight is the same. my biceps and calves have gone up?? and my hips and thighs have gone down. this is i making any progress?? *just added this year 1/2 long photo side by side for my reference
Week 3 Notes: end of week 3, took a photo just for fun but will take actual photos at the end of next week. (doing photos at wk 0, 4, 8 and 12) 2 lb weight change.. sure hope i am losing bf%. i find out oct 3!
Week 4 Notes: i feel great, not any scale change. i ran my first 5k @ end of week 4 on free day and took 3rd in the womens 19-29 division! 29 min 30 seconds. woohoo!
Week 5 Notes: down in weight a little bit--will have photos by end of week 5. weighed myself on day 32--week 5 day 4~so in the middle of this week. feeling great! other than the fact that i have a bad cold.
Week 6 Notes: posted half way photos and got body fat % tested and am down 4.5%! my overall goal is 5.7% so that is awesome. need to lose more fat and get more muscle!
Week 7 Notes: did not weigh myself this week and did not do a good job of writing down my workouts or my meals.. BFL has become second nature though so i ate clean all week and got all my water and workouts in!
Week 8 Notes: end of the eighth week. 4 weeks to go. i have still not missed a work out that has not been made up, and eating has been 99.5% clean other than free day for the entire challenge. all in all i think i am doing well, but have not seen a change in the past 2 weeks! what is magic week 8? i hope to see some changes these last 4 weeks- i have a few lbs to lose and some fat to drop, and of course some muscle to gain! feeling good though!
Week 9 Notes: end of week 9. took photos. don't see much change from week 6....i hope i see a change these last 3 weeks!
Week 10 Notes: i didnt weigh myself at the end of week 10 so i just put the same thing.
Week 11 Notes: end of week 11, getting down to the wire. had a couple slip ups this week but i still managed to lose 1 lb. i am 1 lb away from my goal weight. i get my bf% tested the friday after my challenge end, that will be the true test!
Week 12 Notes: challenge complete! lost 10.6 lbs scale weight and 8.9% body fat! weeeeee! BFL WORKS!
Week 13 Notes: week added to add more photos