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Juneau, Alaska
United States
25 year-old Female
5 feet, 4 inches
Registration Date: May 30, 2010
Last online: Oct 22, 2010 8:23 PM
Profile Last Updated: Oct 1, 2010
Last Photo: Oct 1, 2010

Gains Weight:
Evenly distributed over my body.
Lifestyle (prior to program):
Moderate exercise several times per week.
Background: A little background on me: I started weight lifting in 2001 after I picked up my first issue of Oxygen magazine. I immediately saw changes & in 6-8 weeks I went from a very soft 128lbs to a hard 118lbs & 16%bf. It didn't take much slaving in the gym after that to maintain that physique for a couple years. Then at the end of 2003, I went traveling in Europe for 10 months. I studied for 3 of the 10 months while overseas (massage therapy)...and came home at 175lbs! I was enjoying the different country's foods a little too much, and not working out, indulging in too much wine, etc. I didn't really realize I had gained that much because I was wearing stretchy knits & a bikini for the second half of the time overseas(yuck!)...then I got off the plane at home and my best friend said, "Damn, for once in your life your @$$ is bigger than mine!" That was a wake-up call; sort of. I managed to try every diet. South beach, cookie diet, grapefruit, cabbage soup, lemonade, fasting, I even went vegan! I managed to only settle around 150lbs from then on(2004) until I got married in 2007. Then of course I put on a few and got pregnant at 160lbs. I pigged out and delivered DS at 210lbs (sickening since I didn't gain any weight until I was 5 months along and he was born 3 weeks early! So 50lbs in 16 weeks). After he was born I was dead set on breastfeeding to lose the baby weight. It helped some I'm sure. I also went vegan for a month, and then finally when he was one turned to weight watchers. I managed to get down to 139 with their help, but my eating habits were so off and unhealthy still! I hit a wall, a plateau, naturally. So I decided to try low-carb in Nov 2009. In 12 weeks of dedication and no cheating AT ALL, I got down to 127. I hadn't seen this number or even close since 2003. Thrilled, but on my way overseas again to teach massage, I gained back the weight really quick even though I was still eating LC. Too much cheese I think. I look at my short-lived pics of 127lbs, and I was still really soft. Maybe what they consider "skinny-fat". I got home at the end of April this yr and saw Jami's transformation (my online friend from a low-carb community) on BFL & I was sold. I knew it worked not only because of her transformation, but because I read the book in 2002 & trained my Dad through a 12-wk challenge. He lost 35+lbs and looked completely different. So, here I am! Determined to get my "old" NEW self back, feel good in my clothes & be a better Mom because of it by being a healthy role model and confident and happy with who I am. I ended up inheriting low self-esteem from my Mother who was always (and still is) on a diet. Have a history of binge/emotional eating. But, that's me! I work PT mornings at the local gym to get free membership, pay & playtime for evenings massaging at a chiropractor's office, and all my other time is spent being a mommy! *ETA I had thyroid cancer 10 yrs get to deal with the ups and downs of meds for life. So that's been a struggle with my weight over the yrs too.
Goals: To be a healthy role model for my son & feel like "myself again". I'd love to drop to 17-18% bf. Started at 23.6%. I've ditched the scale for 3 weeks to keep the muscle build-up & scale weight from getting me down since I hear it wont budge much in the beginning. I want to enter a fitness/bikini competition by next year. Go from a loose sz 8/tight 6 to a comfy 4.