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Bude,Cornwall, UK
46 year-old Female
5 feet, 6 inches
Registration Date: Oct 23, 2005
Last online: Jan 29, 2011 3:21 PM
Profile Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016
Last Photo: Jul 26, 2016


Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #14, Week #8
Starting weight: 172.0 lbs
Ending weight: 189.7 lbs
Weight Change: 17.7 lbs (10.3%)

These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken.

Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #14, Week #7
Starting lean bodyweight: 123.3 lbs
Starting bodyfat: 48.7 lbs
Ending lean bodyweight: 124.2 lbs
Ending bodyfat: 66.3 lbs
Muscle gain: 0.9 lbs
Fat weight lost: -17.6 lbs bodyfat

Week #WeightBodyfat %NeckChestBicepsForearmsHipsWaistThighsCalves
Challenge #1: 12 weeks to reach goal of 135 - Started Oct 17, 2005
Week 6 Notes: Unable to post photo's for weeks 4 & 6 yet.Started Creatine loading this week.
Week 12 Notes: Week 12 ended badly with me having a sickness bug.So no training and hardly anything eaten over 5 days!! Oh well on to C2
Challenge #8: The - Started Apr 6, 2009
Challenge Goals/Notes: Over the last 18 months I have had a Seizure (Polymycrogyria),Conjunctivitus,several Chest Infections,been hospitalised with a chest problem and a shoulder injury.All of this has affected my training so I am hoping now to get back on "track" with BFL and Tracker.This is almost the heaviest weight I have ever been!Have restarted this challenge from 03/16 as my mum died suddenly on 03/20.
Week 2 Notes: Great week-loads of energy.Actually enjoying cardio for a change-I am a weights freak normally!
Week 4 Notes: Another good week,had to go to a very sad funeral though on Friday,but met up with 4 other BFLer's/Tracker people at it.
Week 6 Notes: Another good week-amazing what can happen when you have been broke all week and have to live on store cupboard ingredients,Myoplex and protein shakes!
Week 8 Notes: Sickness bug at beginning of week so no food or training for 2 days.However spent 4 hours on Roller Skates (rink stewarding and coaching) in 12 hours yesterday,so caught up with some cardio.
Week 10 Notes: Great week especially cardio.Bit bloated due to TOM but doing ab bootcamp and extra LISS cardio over the next two weeks.
Week 12 Notes: Ended this challenge well-23lbs lost,9.9% B/fat lost,and 14 inches lost.Onto next challenge!!!
Week 13 Notes: week added to show extra photos
Challenge #9: More definition challenge - Started Jun 29, 2009
Challenge Goals/Notes: Lose another 14lbs.Lose 5% Bfat.More defintion in quads and abs.
Week 2 Notes: Good week-TOM bloat means weight is the same but BF and inches lost this week.
Week 4 Notes: Good Week
Week 6 Notes: Weight same but BF and Inches lost.
Week 8 Notes: Great week-have done several hours of artistic roller skating this week as well so my legs are absolutely dead.
Week 10 Notes: Good week-TOM affects weight this week.3 hours of hard roller skating as well as HIIT the same day so great DOMS in my legs this week-the previous day was a heavy LBWO!!
Week 12 Notes: Another good challenge-11 1/2 lbs lost and 6 1/4 inches lost.Since April I have lost 34 1/2 lbs and 22 inches and 15% body fat
Week 13 Notes: Week added to show extra photos
Challenge #10: Even more muscle mass challenge - Started Sep 21, 2009
Challenge Goals/Notes: To lose at least 9lbs and more muscle mass and definition.
Week 2 Notes: Good week-can't measure BF due to Omron needs new batteries.Yet another funeral this week as well!!
Week 4 Notes: small changes in weight and inches,must get my BF monitor working though.
Week 6 Notes: Good week-lots of changes this week.Have been doing lots of core work this week-as well as lots of skating!
Week 8 Notes: Good week-got back into doing pull-ups this week.Managed to do a set of 10!Unassisted. Made 2 Top 20 tracker lists as well-No.2 on both.First time ever since I joined Tracker in 2005-really surprised.
Week 10 Notes: No great changes this week but found out that I have low cholestrol which is always good.
Week 12 Notes: Good end to challenge.
Challenge #11: Muscle mass challenge - Started Dec 14, 2009
Challenge Goals/Notes: Even more muscle mass and lose BF.Lose about 7lbs and get down to 14% B Fat.
Week 1 Notes: Good week especially with drop in measurements.
Week 2 Notes: Good week despite Christmas-have had 2 free days this week as a treat!
Week 3 Notes: Have had a bad chest since Thursday-been on loads of meds and no training for 3 days! Hopefully will be back training tomorrow.Looked too ill for photos this week-not a pretty sight!
Week 4 Notes: Coming in a bit soft this week due to being snowwed in for nearly a week and not being able to get anywhere near a weight-just did cardio.
Week 5 Notes: Good week but bloated,not a lot of changes this week.
Week 6 Notes: No great changes this week but seem to be coming in much harder,which I like the look of.
Week 7 Notes: Not quite sure about the measurements this week-I know I've been coming in a bit harder lately so perhaps it is correct.
Week 9 Notes: No measurements last week due to illness-got all workouts in but couldn't eat much for 48 hours
Week 10 Notes: Loads of extra sport this week apart from BFL training.2 hours of badminton plus 4 hours of extra roller skating.
Week 11 Notes: Started running 5k's this week-first time for a few years!
Week 13 Notes: Good week-I have now got bicep veins!!
Week 15 Notes: Good week-I feel I am packing on more muscle although photos and measurements don't really show it.
Week 16 Notes: Ran outside this week-first time for many years as I normally only run indoors.Also loads of skating this week.
Week 17 Notes: No photo's this week due to father-in-law being critically ill.Went trail running for one cardio day and have landed 2 jumps on roller skates that I haven't been able to do for 7 years!
Challenge #12: Xtreme challenge - Started Apr 26, 2010
Challenge Goals/Notes: To lose more weight and B fat after maintaining weight since Christmas.
Week 0 Notes: Had a few days off this week-the first for a year.This measurement was straight after my 2 free days so not too worried.Photo was from a few weeks ago.
Week 1 Notes: New body fat monitor so figures a bit different.6 1/2lbs loss but that I think is due to the 2 free days and the subsequent loss from them.
Week 2 Notes: Good week-lots of skating as well.
Week 3 Notes: 6 hours of roller skating and 1 hour of ice skating in less than 48 hours!
Week 4 Notes: New Artistic Roller skates arrived this week
Week 5 Notes: TOM this week-bloated
Week 9 Notes: No measurements put in for a few weeks due to my 40th Birthday,a friend's death and another friend's wedding-hence up a few pounds (TOM)
Week 10 Notes: Getting back on track
Week 11 Notes: Creatine loading this week.
Week 12 Notes: Creatine working well-lifting heavier already.I now have shoulder veins as well as bicep veins!
Challenge #13: skate fitness challenge - Started Jul 31, 2010
Challenge Goals/Notes: Do more off skate training to help with my roller and ice skating
Week 1 Notes: TOM so weight up a bit
Week 3 Notes: Weight back down and have restarted Fencing which I haven't done for about 18 months.
Week 4 Notes: Good week-lots of skating
Week 5 Notes: Lots of skating again
Challenge #14: Back to the old me - Started Jul 25, 2016
Week 1 Notes: Good start to this challenge
Week 6 Notes: Not too much training done last week due to skating 6 days a week over the previous 6 weeks so only light exercise last week
Week 7 Notes: Injury from skating preventing heavy workouts
Week 8 Notes: Not sure what week I have got up to owing to illness