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Coronado, California
United States
44 year-old Female
5 feet, 4 inches
Registration Date: May 26, 2006
Last online: May 16, 2010 2:57 AM
Profile Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018
Last Photo: Mar 30, 2009


Comparison: Challenge #1, Week #0 vs. Challenge #8, Week #4
Starting weight: 154.0 lbs
Ending weight: 182.0 lbs
Weight Change: 28.0 lbs (18.2%)

These figures are only as good as the accuracy of the weight and bodyfat measurements taken.

Comparison: Challenge #6, Week #0 vs. Challenge #8, Week #1
Starting lean bodyweight: 99.0 lbs
Starting bodyfat: 90.0 lbs
Ending lean bodyweight: 95.0 lbs
Ending bodyfat: 85.0 lbs
Muscle gain: -4.0 lbs
Fat weight lost: 5.0 lbs bodyfat

Week #WeightBodyfat %NeckChestBicepsForearmsHipsWaistThighsCalves
Challenge #1: STRENGTH BUILDING CHALLANGE - Started Aug 5, 2007
Week 2 Notes: i did lose 2 lbs..but considering i gained 4 in the first week..sigh.. i have completed 14 days of bfl..12 of these days i have been bleeding heavily nonstop..i am praying for bleeding to at least slow down so i can get a good lifting week and some more walks in..i am eating 1700-1800 calories a day and a bit of sugar bc i have to have blackstrap molasses to keep my potassium levels from dangerous lows..
Week 3 Notes: ate a lot this week..utterly exhausted..bleeding and bleeding ..very heavy yesterday..19 consecutive days of bleeding..most for about 5..this week marks day 22 of challange..i intially gained weight ..4 pounds..i lost all of my weight is right back where it started..i have completed all my lifting and feel a little stronger..not much walking..can barely walk from room to room now..i need my strength back..the past 3 wks i have averaged 120 grams protein..happy with that..could be higher..need to eat more protein ..less fat!! averaged 55 grams of carbs a day..lower than i fat was an average of a massive 75 grams a is bc of being sick..easy to eat nut butters all the time..i have been eating fish..not as many potatoes as green veggies at dinner..too hard to cook...REASON: EXHAUSTED ..AND ..AIR CONDITIONER WAS BROKEN..IT WAS UNGODLY HOT!! i plan on eating green veggies at dinner every night..see how that average calories have been 1750 a day..all of these averages INCLUDE 3 FREE DAYS..not one morsel of food has passed my lips without being recorded on fitday..3 wks straight..i am very very good about that..i need to up my water water and green veggies..less nut butters..that is the plan..hope to get my strength back soon..THE GOAL IS..BODY FOR LIFE..NOT BODY FOR SOMETIMES..FOR LIFE!!!
Week 4 Notes: i dont know if i lost fat or muscle..or even water..i did terrible on my eating..i did eat some greens at dinner..but my week ..well..not enough of anything really...stats..1400 calories/little over 40 grams of fat which i am happy about..25 carbs minus fiber which was too low..but oh well..i did eat berries and greens..only a little spoiled..also very unfortunately only about 90 grams of water averaged closer to 55 oz a day..not my goal of 80 which is so tough..well new we shall see.. i must confess that i spent a lot of time with ebay this week and with many dear friends..that had something to do with it..also spent all of saturday..just about immersed in boondock saints stuff..oh..sigh..
Week 5 Notes: well now..all i did this past week was started with drinking..led into unclean eating..and culminated in smoking as well..yes ..i just fell hard..considering i dont even smoke!!! i tend to always have a problem in the 5th week...but ..i am sticking with it..i am a pretty good judge of my own body..and i would say..i have probably only lost about 2 pounds of the scale reflects..i think the scales are pretty accurate right now..not to say that they always are..but right now i would say yup..thats about right..i didnt log food ...i did do ONE THING RIGHT THIS WEEK..I WALKED 2 MILES!! all i have to do to reach my walking goals for this to walk a couple of times every week..some weeks i am unable to walk bc of bleeding..but pretty much i need to average only 8 miles a it is..i feel a failure..but bfl says i am ONLY a failure if i give up and quit..and i am not doing forward i go..
Week 6 Notes: this week is shot to hell to..i am beginning to think..that without a boyfriend to help me eat right..i am not not NOT going to do it..i suck..i did NOT get my iron in like i needed...or phosphurus..most important potassium..YES!! 110 percent!! calories about 1640 for average..fat excellent at 30 grams a day average..carbs..less than 80 grams..after veggies..near about 45 grams..protein..this is RIDICULOUS!! average 100 grams!! very frustrated with myself..all i can start another week..this challange basically shows me what a loser i am!!
Week 7 Notes: well just plodding along here..still in the game which is all that matters at this point..after a week of bleeding and no weight lifting..i am forced to lower my expectations for this first challange once again..i did not track my food until wednesday bc i was just too exhausted and weak to do anything..but my stats for this week were..a little over 1000 calories every day..i did take a free day on tuesday and had some red wine..about one fourth of a quasadilla with sour cream and some chips and salsa..but that was tuesday so i didnt log it..anyways 1000 cals..53 fats which my goal is always 40-60 fats and my omega cla etc is counted in with all fats..44 carbs not counting veggies..protein was the worst week so far of this challange..only 64 problem is this tumor is really swollen right now pushing on my stomach so i get full very quickly and can only eat 3 meals not when i bleed..i need the most nutrition..but my appetite is just non existent when iron was low as well and my postassium was half what i needed even though i ate 2 bananas a potato and an apple..i did walk 3.5 miles this week HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for me considering the circumstances..but i didnt walk til wednesday..i didnt post on tracker all week :-(
Week 8 Notes: i didnt track my food..the past 4 weeks of this challange have been opposite the first 4 weeks..i havent been focused..i have been fairly ill the past 2 or 3 weeks which didnt help..i am trying to focus hopefully my efforts will hit target this week..
Week 9 Notes: bleeding a lot..hence weight gain.. HAD A WEEK FROM HELL!! LEVEL 7 I WOULD RATE IT!! didnt do anything bfl!! even ate sugar!! NEW WEEK HERE I COME!!
Week 10 Notes: didnt track food too well..but i ate good most all week..i have been bleedin for 11 days now countin is worse the past two days..not better..but i am working hard to eat weights...not weakest i ever been bc i was able to clean the kitchen and bathroom real good..
Week 11 Notes: yes ..well..uh..i am almost finished
Week 12 Notes: FINISHED!!!!!!!!
Challenge #2: SURGERY CHALLANGE - Started Dec 30, 2007
Challenge Goals/Notes: my surgery is now moved to feb
Week 1 Notes: well i am not eating very much..not hungry and have to take a crap load of liquid iron ..making myself eat to at least keep my potassium levels from drastically falling..just not hungry..also bleeding for almost 2 weeks now..i have very serious pid infection..who knows how long i have had it..MUST BEAT IT..very tired ..only walking enough to survive each weight lifting...
Week 2 Notes: my life is surrounded by death right now..the boy i am in love with very distant from dear friend Phoenix has just lost his new baby girl Amira to death...major surgery for me soon..MUCH MUCH SADNESS ..PAIN..EVEN ENVY AND JEALOUSY OF THOSE WHO HAVE GOOD LIVES AT THE MOMENT..MY LIFE ALWAYS HAS BEEN VERY VERY DIFFICULT... i cannot eat..hence much weight loss.. i fear all the muscle mass i am losing at present..too weak to exercise..AS I HAD A PERIOD WHICH LASTED FOR 18 DAYS OF NON STOP HEAVY BLEEDING..perhaps related to this pid infection..14 and even 16 days of heavy bleeding is not uncommon for me the past year i dont know..i am very very sad right now...and i can eat nothing or do nothing...
Week 3 Notes: the boy i am in love with and my best dearest girlfriend ran off with each other ..they are now living together..something tells life sux and it is worse than just daily rot happening to me..i am very very exhausted concerning heart is broken ..mostly bc of ana..i cannot believe how cold hearted she became to me..i would NEVER DO SUCH A THING TO MY FRIENDS..and she lacks any compassion for words of compassion for me..I GIVE UP!!
Week 4 Notes: oh lord..after bleeding for 18 tom is back again.. i have not been able to exercise.. trying to eat but it is difficult..
Week 5 Notes: i lost too much weight..i am trying to put some weight on this week or at least try to maintain 135..we shall walks no weight lifting this entire challange so far..
Week 6 Notes: FINALLY put on some weight..although it could only be water..i have tried to eat high carbs to gain and i retain water..i am trying..still no exercise.. bled for 14 days..
Week 7 Notes: i am bleeding after only one week rest i hurt and feel like hell i am not a person anymore.. i thought i was getting better surgery will take 4 hours..if i go will kill me..waiting for blood to build up..what will become of me? i am going backwards now..what will become of me?
Week 8 Notes: bleeding..i have no strength for anything..seems the more iron i swallow..the more i bleed..i am stuck between rock and hard place
Week 9 Notes: 17 days bleeding and still going strong..with only having one week rest after 14 days of bleeding..i have to stop bleeding or i will NOT MAKE IT!!
Challenge #3: WALKING ONLY CHALLANGE - Started Aug 3, 2008
Challenge Goals/Notes: well..i did not have the surge
Week 0 Notes: HAD BLOOD VOLUME OF ONLY 15... NORMAL IS 40..HAD 6 UNITS OF BLOOD GIVEN TO ME IN SIX TRANSFUSIONS.. I WAS ALSO GIVEN SALINE SOLUTION AND ANTIBIOTICS FOR ONE FULL WEEK.. I GAINED 40 POUNDS OF WATER WEIGHT IN THE FIRST 3 DAYS.. SINCE COMING OFF THE SALINE..I LOST 25 POUNDS OF WATER IN A LITTLE OVER A WEEK.. I HAVE MUCH WATER TO LOSE..APPROXIMATELY 15 MORE POUNDS.. THE REST IS FAT FAT THE WATER RAT!! Edit..this is actually incorrect ..i weighed 134 going in to the hospital according to my doctors weight scales..therefore it was Actually a Terrifying Total of 52 pounds of water weight gained in Only 3 days..still staggers my mind..Also..i was given 8 blood transfusions..i didnt know this until later..i had to be given 2 more blood transfusions from blood loss due to the surgery itself..Thank God i am past all that 3 years of HORRID SICK!!!
Week 1 Notes: exercise..unable to walk yet..still on pain killers..infection in incision..hurts to move at all..still retaining a lot of water..particularly around the site of the surgery..upper thighs ..torso..hips..from the water body looks funny..deformed..its CREEPY!!
Week 2 Notes: feel much better this week..stil aching all over but not as bad as last week..taking enzymes seems to knees ache which bugs me..losing more water..almost 10 pounds of water in 2 feet hurt..a problem which is long standing with me and somehow connected to either my lifelong habit of walking miles in crappy shoes..and also perhaps my calcium deficiency..who knows..have to see doc for it sometime..
Week 3 Notes: i did walk for first time this week..only one mile..but that is good..first time since surgery..mum is cooking my food and it is not bfl approved at all..i dont know what all is in it..but i know it is fattening crap that she considers nutrition..i need to be able to get around enough to prepare some of this food for myself..having unbelievable back pain..knees about the same..belly a bit less pain but so much water ..still looks freaky..feet feeling ok right now..bla..
Week 4 Notes: i walked often this week..but only short distances..a total of 6.5 miles.. my belly still swollen and looks creepy..a lot going on in my life dear beloved friend Amitola lost his father to cancer the day after my surgery..he feared losing me also..and almost did..he has basically proposed to me..and that is weighing heavy on my heart and mind..i feel i need to know someone longer and he needs to know me longer..and when i say longer..i mean like 2 more years ..i dont know..i have a lot on me right now..bla...oh silly me..forgot to note..MOTHER HAS GONE TO VEGAS!!!! I AM FREE AGAIN MUHAAHAHAHA
Week 5 Notes: walked 8.5 miles this week..nice wonderful dreamy week..which ended in a belly ache..stopped in my tracks..oh i just feel like doing NOTHING...but..i have to move this forget that..
Week 6 Notes: i packed up to move this week and all the activity made my torso swell up with doc said it was okay for me to do what i am doing..only not to lift anything is disappointing for me...i worked on packing up this week and only walked .5 miles..bla..
Week 7 Notes: i is hot bc it is anaheim and our air conditioning unit is broken..and only i have unpacked kitchen..i have so much stuff..grrr... i only walked 2.5 miles this week...and am spending too much time talking with my friends..particularly Amitola..for various eating has not been clean past two weeks..but i am getting back on track today with it...
Week 8 Notes: got my bathroom in some order..still have to unpack my room..the biggest chore..feeling okay..but still very tired..anemic and for some reason..pain in my belly..which worries back pain Thank GOODNESS!! i walked only .5 miles this week..and did not eat clean..this last part of the challange i want to pick up some light weights..and also be prepared with bfl foods..and also walk..walk ..walk...i am going to have to live with this pain regardless ..prolly make it worse walking ..but so what..everyone around me is encouraging me to take it easy..but standing naked in front of the mirror..i cant cope with this trashed is not me and not acceptable...i have no more patience and i cant sleep well at night bc i am not active in the day...
Week 9 Notes: walked 14 miles this week..ate clean only one half the not know why..i just want to heal...have had bad pain for so long ..cant live with it any more..
Week 10 Notes: it is not going to be possible for me to lift any weights yet..unfortunately..i am not well enough..walked 16 miles this week..had some days of pain..ate clean all week..but have problems..too much sodium...too much protein and too little water made me sick after a week of it..
Week 11 Notes: i have eaten clean for like 2 weeks straight..until yesterday...i did eat a free meal..which was a high calorie dessert with about 50 grams of fat in it..uh oh..cause i didnt want to have free nuthin..but i think i needed it to stay on track..i walked 22 miles this week..this last week of the challange i want to achieve as many miles as i can and see if i finally lose some weight...i think i lost so much muscle..particularly over the last may be a few months before i can see any weight loss on the scale..
Week 12 Notes: walked 28.5 miles this week.. WALKED TOTAL OF 100 MILES THIS CHALLANGE AFTER SURGERY...FINISHED!!
Challenge #4: MARRIAGE MADE ME FAT CHALLANGE - Started Feb 14, 2010
Challenge Goals/Notes: weighed 134 before blood transfusions and surgery..186 3 days later..after i got my blood transfusions..i eventually lost all 52 pounds of the water took about 5 months i think..i returned to bodybuilding and i gained 12 pounds..a lot of that gain was that was positive because my muscles were pathetic in 08..but then i gained another 16 pounds of pure fat.. by doing the following..i basically ..gradually quit bodybuilding..also..i developed some insane sugar free fudge pop fetish..which lasted a year..i got married and began to eat junk my husband brought home..and began drinking alcohol with him..result..i weigh almost 160 pounds!! Time to Change ALL THIS!!
Week 0 Notes: did Atkins Induction for the first time on a fact..for the first time is a lot diff than i expected it to be..its not really like OWL at all..and i did it pretty much freaks me out bc my fiber and postassium is not right..this induction makes me lose a lot of appetite.. walked 10 miles this week..have no intention of busting my ass this challange..only concentrating on doing what i feel i can do..if i walk too much i wont be able to get back into weights..did my abs and my ass one day.. my calorie average was ratios were 5 percent carbs amd 31 percent protein..18 net carbs..i did drink one day and my average alcohol for the week was 6 percent..had 2 vodka martinis and some very yummy brandy.. my appetite is leaving me this weel..i met some girls on another site who do BFL and Atkins with success..that made me happy as Tracker ppl are generally Atkins Unfriendly..
Week 1 Notes: averaged 5 percent carbs and 29 percent protein..calories were higher at 1450.. 17 net carbs..i walked 10 miles this week..had to make myself eat at times this week..
Week 2 Notes: Stress week..where is my money??? my husband went to ER Three TIMES!! now we owe more money and no end in site to the money problems... my health needs help help for me.. ate 1760 calories a day..prolly bc of stress..whatever..8 percent carbs..28 percent carbs were too high at 33 net carbs..walked 10 miles.. new week begins..
Week 3 Notes: 23 percent protein/8 percent carbs.. holy cow..where is the protein?? Average 1450 calories..23 net carbs.. walked 9 miles.. goal for next week..get MORE protein!! appetitie was fairly suppressed this week..
Week 4 Notes: well i certainly enjoyed my meals this week..also ate Tons of veggies and overdid it..but i am happy..bc i feel strong and nourished!! 10 percent carbs..24 percent protein..average 2050 cals per day.. far too many carbs too fast..gotta fix that..44 net carbs a day..127 protein.. potassium was nice over 4000 per day.. well..Walked 10 miles this week.. i need to cut back on carbs.. and add back in gradually ..not this rushing business..but overall i am pleased!!
Week 5 Notes: well i have had a lot of stressful times during challanges..but so far this is the worst on a mental level.. have no idea where we stand financially.. couldnt sleep and honestly screwed up the entire idea of trying the i made a conscious choice to add in carbs..after eating normally for two days much of my fear has subsided..i chose cream of wheat and of course..fudge pops..i have 4 pieces of 1 carb bread..i still have no answers about our future...i am behind on my gym goals by 4 and my walking by 3 miles..i need to start walking 3 miles again at a stretch anyways..ate a lot of salt as well and feel swelied in hands and well as additional carb load water..i hope i can finish the last 6 weeks properly..thank goodness i started a challange or my eating could have gotten out of control recently...okay..back to 20 net carbs and climbing the ladders..sign.. walked 8 miles this week..
Week 8 Notes: well my eating has been all over the place the past 2 weeks..been sick also.. am finally feeling mostly normal... have to make these last 4 weeks COUNT!! i have walked 74 miles so far..i am behind my goal of 120 miles by 6 miles.. Gotta Step it Up!!
Week 9 Notes: am retainig a lot of water lately.. mostly bc i am drinking a bouillon the past few days.... i hope i dont finish this challange.. with only a 3 pound sad :( caught up easily on my miles...90 miles so far..30 to go...
Week 12 Notes: i walked 98 miles ..almoast 100
Challenge #5: HP RECOVERY CHALLANGE - Started Oct 30, 2016
Challenge Goals/Notes: Pretty much bedridden since november 2013 and my diet is very very limited to high carb foods as i can no longer digest most proteins..Husband went away to school in 2013 saw him first time in all these years May 2016 Was Very ill most of the time he was gone Have not seen him since....I wish i had married Amitola INSTEAD however he is now married to someone else.. Having Trouble Digesting Protein Became super infected from lower intestine to upper to stomach in Jan 2017 remained so until June 2017 when I had my last severe infection still have infection but much milder on 7/13/17 Doctors have been little to NO HELP aside from giving me antibiotics seen many doctors St Thomas and Centennial
Week 0 Notes: Started Lifting weights July 1 20 minute work out 6 days a week missed one week due to illness
Challenge #6: Mum&Me Challange - Started Jul 17, 2017
Challenge Goals/Notes: Still Ill just got thru a round of antibiotics after food poisoning me again Discovered if i do not eat for 6- 8 hours after waking the pain on lower right is decreased..trying to increase protein from 20 grams to 40 or more a day DIFFICULT..unable to eat much protein yet as it usually poisons me..GOAL is 7 days of exercise with mum
Week 0 Notes: Walked 4 miles Lifted Weights 6 days Averaged 1100 calories a day Averaged 41 grams protein a day Averaged 70 net carbs a day Iron 90% Magnesium 66% Phosphurus 57% Selinium 93% Zinc 83% Potassium 2268 Only
Week 1 Notes: Walked 2 miles Worked Out 6 Days Averaged 1300 Calories a day Averaged 46 grams protein per day Averaged 79 Net Carbs per day Calcium 70% Iron 74% Magnesium 72% Phosphurus 61% Selinium 97% Zinc 92% Potassium 2553 Only
Week 2 Notes: Lifted Weights 6 Days ..Walked 2 miles on off day ..Averaged 1250 Cals per day.. Averaged 58 Net carbs per day ..61 grams Protein Per Day HURRAY!!! Phosphurus 51% Only Potassium 3122 mg Only ..
Week 3 Notes: Did NOT Walk this past week Only Worked Out 3 days Not 6..Very Ill with this Disease was poisoned weekend before went to ER treated for Dehydration and UTI ..ate only potatoes all week Averaged 850 calories Under 50 net carbs per day Nutrition was so bad i am not going to list it Did not take multi vits my intestines hurt too bad
Week 4 Notes: Still very sick this past week Intestinal pain on lower right side was all the way up my Right side and did not improve until Saturday 2 days ago Averaged 1220 Calories LIFTED 6 DAYS NO CARDIO And 88 Net Carbs Nutrition was horrible across the board unable to take supplements
Week 5 Notes: Ate a lot this week we dined well thats all i can say Lifted 6 days No Cardio CALS AVERAGE 1390 NET CARB AVERAGE 83 Protein was 52 grams Calcium 55% Folate 53% Iron 83% Magnesium 63% Pantothenic Acid 93% Phosphurus 60% Ribo 81% Selinium 69% Thiamin 80% Zinc 54% Nutrition not good bc i didnt take my supplements
Week 6 Notes: Ate lots of carbs ice cream bread this week on aug 1 i weighed 177.4 1630 cal 111 net carbs YUP thats ice cream and bread for ya 56 protein Did all my work outs was very active actually for me ..went shopping did some sewing ironing cleaning house cooked most of our meals Nutrition not perfect but drinking lots of almond milk helps as long as i can do it Worked out 6 days
Week 7 Notes: Same as last week ate lots of carbs bread butter ice cream very very stressed over the hurricane irma and the fires in the west .. Average cals 1875 149 net carbs 54 protein Did NOT work out at all this week aside from doing 30 squats
Week 8 Notes: Doing Better this week But NO Workout at all this week Average cals 1306 Net Carbs 79 Protein 49 Nutrition is terrible as usual
Week 9 Notes: Still No Work Out Not sleeping well totally fell out of my work out routine Average 1340 Cals 87 Net Carbs 42 protein and terrible nutrition
Week 10 Notes: Lifted Weights 6 days this week Still not sleeping very well Average Cals 1213 net carbs 91 protein only 32 nutrition bla
Week 11 Notes: Only worked out 1 day this week lifting weights Average Cals 1170 daily Net Carbs 85 Protein 27 grams
Week 12 Notes: 17 Lbs lost on this Challenge
Challenge #7: FAT BURNING CHALLENGE TEAM - Started Oct 8, 2017
Challenge Goals/Notes: Sugar and I doing this Challenge Together
Week 0 Notes: Worked out 6 days this week Average cals 1258 Net Carbs 76 fats 62g protein 48 Vits look good except b12 magnesium phosphurus and iron
Week 1 Notes: Worked out 6 days this week Average Cals 1465 net carbs 118 protein 54 fats 80 g all vits look good except for b12 magnesium and phosphurus I did eat 6 very large homemade sugar cookies with icing which Eva made at our Halloween get together
Week 2 Notes: Worked out 6 days this week Ate lots of cals and carbs this week Not really caring what i eat its Halloween Season not into dieting!! Average 1636 cals 151 net carbs 54 protein Low vits this week are Vit b12 vit C Magnesium Phosphurus what did i eat off plan? Swedish Pancakes and French Jam with powdered sugar.. Loads of homemade ginger snaps and lots of mashed potatoes and butter annnd ICE CREAM!! ..
Week 3 Notes: Worked out only 3 days this week Average Cals 1772 average Net Carbs 114 fats 90 protein 69 Very Very low in b12 and selinium low in c magnesium phosphurus zinc Boo
Week 4 Notes: Did NOT Work out this week Average Cals 1676 Net Carbs 111 fats 74 Nutrition not that good low in C magnesium manganese phosphurus selinium zinc
Week 5 Notes: Not tracking food not exercising Very Stressed Not Interested Does it SHOW?
Week 6 Notes: No work out at all!! Average Cals 1556 Net Carbs 85 Fat 75 Did great on vits just Phosphurus at 72%
Week 7 Notes: Not tracking food Not working out Not burning fat very hard to do this time of year at least for me
Week 8 Notes: No food tracking No exercise
Challenge #8: FAT BURNING ll - Started Apr 3, 2018
Challenge Goals/Notes: QUIT SMOKING BEGINNING OF MARCH GAINED WEIGHT BEFORE THAT BUT MUCH OF IT GAINED IN MARCH AFTER QUITTING..Am very swollen right now in my stomach Moderate pain in lower right Abdomen Severe Pain in right leg from hip down to knee Able to eat Many more foods than ever before since being restricted to Carbs and limited food for 4 years Need to get under 160 lbs and build some muscle
Week 1 Notes: Did nothing this week Except started logging my food which was 2700 cals per day and 60 net carbs .Starving still ..very hungry since quitting smoking got to cut back on my appetite..From stats looks like i have packed away 20 lbs of fat and water on my stomach Mostly just like a MAN!!! WTF
Week 2 Notes: Walked 6 miles Lifted Weights 3 days..Averaged 2050 calories this week Averaged 200 carbs Gained back some water weight from the high carbs However i got Poisoned again when i ate almond butter and had to go back to eating higher carbs in addition i got severe dehydration on my last walk so i will be doing all my aerobics indoors until the fall..
Week 3 Notes: Still Sick and worse got kidney infection on top of it all..didnt log food end of week not able to get back to exercise..Mum is here right now..On Antibiotics Hopefully i will be better soon
Week 4 Notes: Doing Terrible Still Sick Didnt eat solid food this week only juice almond milk soup mashed potatoes ..arm hurting from the first week i worked out ..must have pulled something